Personal Defense Firearms Training

The motto at MMK Tactical is “you are your families first responder”. Our mission is to show you how you can develop a layered safety plan for yourself and your family. From home defense, learning how to use a firearm, to refusing to be a victim MMK Tactical offers a course to fit your needs.
Personal Defense Firearms Training is at the core of the training offered at MMK Tactical. If you own a firearm or plan to, learning how to safely handle that weapon is your responsibility. Teaching you how to be safe is what we offer.
There is an old saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”. The Home Defense and Refuse to Be A Victim courses help you both develop a layer a safety plan. This is a good starting point toward becoming your families first responder.

Courses Instructed by Coach Martin.

                    Home Defense

                       Next Level SIRT

                          Concealed Carry

                              Refuse To Be A Victim

                               Fight Skills

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MMK Tactical

Course Descriptions

Now available. Each course of instruction focuses on you increasing your ability to become your families first responder. 

Home Defense

Your home is your safe place, or at least it’s supposed to be. Our “Home Defense” course points out areas that might need attention. Our experience shows making your home safe takes a “layered” approach. Let us share that knowledge with you, everyone needs a place they are safe.

Next Level SIRT

Many people are frightened by their firearm or they aren’t confident in there use and safety. The Next Level SIRT program is a fantastic, cost effective, safe way to train even in the convenience of your own home. At the core of the program is the SIRT (Simulated Reset Trigger) laser hand gun. The SIRT displays a laser beam rather than shooting a bullet. This offers the flexibility and safety you need to learn, train and practice almost all aspects of handgun use. Our course takes you through every phase of handgun use.

Concealed Carry

Training and firearms education are your responsibility as a firearms owner. If you plan on including a firearm in home or personal safety plan, then you should attend a concealed carry class. Why? Because there are mental, financial and legal issues you need to know!

Refuse to Be A Victim

Everyday we go about our lives, most without incident. This course prepares you for the time when there may be a situation. This course teaches you how to be more aware, what to be aware of and things you can do at home, for yourself and your family. Collectively, this information helps you “Refuse to Be A Victim”.
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